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EB-1 Visa

Extraordinary Ability; Outstanding Professors and Researchers; Multinational Managers or Executives.

EB-2 Visa

Advanced Degree; Exceptional Ability; National Interest Waiver.

EB-3 Visa

Skilled Workers; Unskilled Workers; Professional Workers.

EB-4 Visa

Religious Workers; Special Immigrants Juveniles; Broadcasters.

EB-5 Visa

Immigrant Investor Program.


The process by which an individual becomes a citizen of the United States, usually by birth or through naturalization after meeting certain legal requirements, such as continuous residence, knowledge of the English language and U.S. government, and demonstrating good moral character.

Family-based Visas

Applying for a family-based immigrant visa is the first step in the process for the person you are sponsoring to become a permanent resident.


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